Harness the power of world leading equity analysts

Tipigo provides the first Virtual Research Team, derived from the best performing analysts the equity world has to offer in real time - all the time.

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Achieve Outperforming Results

Our All-Star team of analysts achieve high success rates which translate into high returns


Time period 6m' 36m'
Opportunities Issued 209 609
Success 81% 72.2%

HealthcareIcon Healthcare

Time period 6m' 36m'
Opportunities Issued 429 1190
Success 80% 81%

FinancialsIcon Financials

Time period 6m' 36m'
Opportunities Issued 32 188
Success 81% 69%

EnergyIcon Energy

Time period 6m' 36m'
Opportunities Issued 199 259
Success 76% 74%

ConsumerDiscretionaryIcon Consumer Discretionary

Time period 6m' 36m'
Opportunities Issued 216 811
Success 77% 72%

UtilitiesIcon Utilities

Time period 6m' 36m'
Opportunities Issued 78 174
Success 82% 77%
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Financial institution?

Get quality investment opportunities in various ways


Why use Tipigo's Virtual Analyst Team

Investment opportunities powered by cutting-edge technology.
A unique product empowering service providers.
Proven ability to outperform in real market conditions.
“Transparent Box” provides unique educational value and trust.


Here are a few things you need to know.

Tipigo provides the data via API in various formats. JSON, XML, CSV and more - are all available. We have come to know that our unique clients occasionally require unique solutions - so feel free to reach out to us and we'll gladly provide you with one.

Tipigo's engine is quite flexable and can power various use-cases. From providing quality investment ideas and leads to private investors to outperforming trade signals for money managers - be creative. We'll help.

Our servers don't rest. We collect the data fueling our system all the time - which means the data is updated in real time, as soon as we get it.

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