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Increase your excess returns 
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Process data with state-of-the-art decision-making platform,  e2e set of tools
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Covers all market sectors and trends
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Generate insights in minutes and a full portfolio in less than 30 minutes
Product Overview
How we do it? Data Process Flow 
At Tipigo, we believe that successful investing is about making data-driven decisions, not emotional ones. That's why we have build a platform that combines market data, analyst data, and custom investment profiles to help you make smarter investment decisions.

Our platform uses an algorithmic blend of market data and professional analysts' ratings to identify targeted buy-side investment opportunities. With thousands of analysts' ratings to choose from, our system curates only the best investment opportunities based on a variety of criteria. Each investment opportunity is scored to give you a quick and easy way to understand its potential.

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All analysts ratings & market data
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Analyst & Market Data
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Data Process
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Best performing analysts for Profile
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Scored Investment Opportunities
Tipigo engine
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Personalized winning portfolio
Highlighted Features
Live Feed
With our algorithmically selected top-rated analysts, you can access the latest investment ideas and trading opportunities in real-time. Follow the recommendations of the highest performing professional analysts and get a better understanding of market sentiment and get real-time rating updates. Our Live Feed also provides advanced filtering options, so you can customize your feed to match your investment preferences and strategies. Filter by sector, market cap, beta, and more to find the right opportunities for your portfolio.
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Automated Trade list
Unlock the potential of your investment portfolio with Tipigo's automated flow. Our algorithmic engine combines market data and curated analyst ratings to generate a scored trade list tailored to your investment profile. With Tipigo, you can confidently build a winning portfolio based on the insights of the best analyst team, validated by market data. Take the guesswork out of investing and start making informed decisions with Tipigo.
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Portfolio management
Portfolio Management Tool – add, remove, and update your positions, get real-time updates, View return rate for all your assets long, short, cash positions and compare to the benchmarks.
Analyst Scores
With Tipigo's unique algorithm technology, the system scores the performance of analysts in any selected team over time. In order to provide greater transparency, we decided to expose the data and give users a better understanding of the selection process and allow them to select specific analysts by higher scores.
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System screenshot
Back-test Tool
Analyze how well a strategy or model would have done ex-post.
Use the backtest tool to evaluate the viability of any trading strategy by discovering how it would play out using historical data.
Universe Creator
 Use our out-of-the-box universes (S&P, Russell, ESG and others) or specify the symbols that would be the basis for any opportunity selection process.
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